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Severe gynaecomastia treatment with VASER liposuction and spring suspension sutures in modified Webster mastectomy


Objectives: To examine if a combining surgical methods can give satisfactory results with less scarring for patients with a severe gynaecomastia. The study focused on outcomes of patients who had a treatment combining ultrasound assisted liposuction (UAL) with a periareolar glandular and skin excision (Webster mastectomy) and a suspension Thread® mastopexy.


Lifting via Permanent Suspension Threads. Five Rules for Beautiful Results.


Notched permanent suspension threads now a viable alternative to surgical lifts. Nevertheless, some rules must be followed to ensure proper implantation, in order to achieve esthetically-pleasing results. This handy article provides a few rules, along with justifications. It also suggests more rigorous methods to achieve consistently beautiful results.

In summary, these are our trade rules, a result of 15 years of demanding practice and critical thought. A brief summary which we think might be useful for those interested in true suspension threads.


Advanced Thread® lifting in medical aesthetic practice


Dr Lucy Glancey discusses the use of silicone-coated barbed threads for longer-lasting facial lifting

There is great demand from patients for non-surgical or minimally invasive surgical aesthetic procedures that can lift the face and neck. With the promise of a non-surgical rhytidectomy or facelift, thread lifts have become a popular treatment.



Optimising Non-Surgical Thread® Lifting


One of the main demands of patients seeking cosmetic treatments is to achieve a lift. The drooping of cheek results in formation of nasolabial folds, marionette Iines and jowls which contribute to the ageing look. A lot of cosmetic treatments aim to tighten pull and lift these to provide a youthful appearance. The use of polydioxanone (PDQ) and poly-L-lactic acid! (PLLA) threads is a common treatment approach that claims to offer a non-surgical facelift

In this article, I share two case studies to demonstrate the use of silicone-based permanent threads to achieve what I believe to be a greater Iift that is longer lasting.

MUST lift (Minimal Undermining Suspension Technique): a new approach used for the mid- and lower face lift


A new simplified less invasive surgical soft tissue lift approach designed by the author and used for the middle and lower face thirds and the submental area is presented. This approach implements the main principles of the MACS-lift procedure (skin undermining with access through a relatively small incision and SMAS plication without dissection) and uses in a new way all advantages of a specific brand of surgical elastic non-resorbable “barbed threads” for simple, safe and reliable soft tissue suspension, fixation and support. The procedure is highly reproducible and ensures good long lasting and natural looking results in patients with mild to moderate skin excess in the lower face. This approach with the use of threads is also effective for less invasive surgical forehead/brow and cheek lifts, and a lateral neck lift with platysma plication.



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